Sesame Oil


Sesame Oil

Due to its high content of nutrients and emollient rich properties, sesame oil can be used in a variety of applications for optimal health and wellness. In Ayurveda sesame oil is regarded as the best of all oils.

  • Perfect for full-body massage to release toxins and skin impurities.
  • Anti-bacterial, Antiviral and Anti-inflammatory.
  • Rich in linoleic acid and has antioxidant properties.
  • Sesame oil is especially used for calming the Air/Space element (Vata Dosha)
  • Sesame oil massaged into the scalp once a week nourishes the scalp and restores natural balance and luster to hair.
  • Add to a warm bath to increase circulation and for further purification.


$16 per 16 ounce mason jar

Health Benefits
Healthy Skin

The zinc in sesame seeds helps boost collagen production, smoothing the appearance of skin.

Oral Health

Oil pulling with sesame oil has been shown to reduce plaque, whiten teeth, and decrease the amount of harmful bacteria.


In Ayurvedic medicine sesame oil is used to treat strep throat, staphylococcus bacteria and athlete's foot. Ancient Chinese and Ayurvedic practitioners use sesame oil to treat a variety of inflammatory, infectious and cancer causing processes. It is believed to relieve pain from arthritis, colitis, irritable bowel syndrome and also reduces stress, lowers cholesterol and detoxifies the body.