Kapha Spice Blend


Kapha Ayurvedic Spice Blend

These delicious and aromatic 100% organic spice blends are lovingly hand crafted and produced in small batches. They are carefully formulated by Ayurvedic principles to help bring balance to each elemental constitution.

According to Ayurvedic principles it is important to balance the six tastes in your meals in order to satisfy your appetite and is considered essential to bring balance to one's dosha. Use in cooking or sprinkle directly on your food. These blends are a convenient and mouth-wateringly delicious addition to your meal.

Kapha Spice Blend: A delicious & quick addition to any meal to help stimulate Kapha (Earth & Water Elements)

Do you have a slow metabolism? Do you rarely feel hungry first thing in the morning? Can you just look at food and put on weight? If yes to these questions you are probably the Kapha constitution. Kapha is a combination of the earth & water elements which possess qualities that are heavy, dense and slow. Put this in the context of your digestion and you will see that you need a boost to get things moving! Kapha spice blend provides a zesty and enlivening stimulus to counter the lethargy of the earth & water elements.

The Kapha blend is comprised of 8 ingredients that are balancing for the earth & water elements; it also balances the Kapha dosha by including the six tastes in the appropriate proportion.

A delicious & quick addition to any meal to help stimulate Kapha (Earth & Water Elements)


100% Organic Ingredients

Black pepper
Cayenne pepper
Himalayan Pink salt


Add to soups, stews and sauces while cooking, or sprinkle over rice and veggies at the table. Add to your favourite dehydrator recipes. Spread ghee on toast or crackers with a sprinkle of Kapha Spice Blend for a simple and delicious pick-me-up. Also a perfect flavour boost for your next batch of Kale chips!

Net Weight

100g | 3.5 oz