Kapha Herbal Tea


Kapha Herbal Tea - Ayurvedic Blend

Introducing Elemental Life Solutions Ayurvedic tea blends, helping to bring balance and harmony to your mind and body. Lovingly hand crafted and produced in small batches these delicious and aromatic combinations are carefully formulated, caffeine-free herbal teas that follow Ayurvedic principles to help balance your elemental makeup.

Kapha tea: For stimulating and energising Kapha dosha (Earth & Water Elements)

Are you easy going with a calm approach to life? Do you put on weight easily? Is sleeping one of your favourite experiences? If yes then you are probably the Kapha dosha.

This stimulating blend of energising herbs helps invigorate the mind and body giving you a boost to counter the heavy qualities of the earth & water elements. Kapha tea is a deliciously warm and spicy combination that is the perfect way to enliven the earth & water elements. A perfect caffeine free wake-me-up in the morning Kapha tea will provide the zing when the earth & water elements are at their strongest. The production of mucus according to Ayurveda is one of the roles of the Kapha dosha. While mucus is a protecting substance in excess it can block nasal passages, restrict breathing and negatively affect the digestion. Kapha tea will aid the loosening and elimination of excess mucus - perfect when you have a cold, are feeling blocked up or feeling generally lethargic.

The Kapha tea is really nice when I feel chilled, have a cold or need something to perk me up in the morning. The Vata tea is lovely when I am looking for something soothing, particularly if I can’t get my mind to settle down or on really windy days.

S. Chernik Labour Relations

Best time to drink Kapha tea:

6am – 10am is Kapha time of day so this is a perfect morning drink to wake you up and alleviate the heavy effects of the earth & water elements.


Bay Leaf
Eucalyptus Leaf
Organic Ginger Root
Cinnamon Bark
Star Anise
Organic Black Pepper
Elder Flower

Healthy Herbs
  • Bay Leaf: a pungent aromatic leaf that has astringent qualities which in Ayurveda is claimed to promote digestion.
  • Eucalyptus Leaf: contains the chemical eucalyptol which has the ability to loosen phlegm.
  • Organic Ginger Root: a zesty aid to boost digestion and promote appetite.
  • Cinnamon Bark: used in Ayurveda to balance digestion and help occasional stomach discomfort.
  • Star Anise: similar in taste to licorice - in Ayurveda it is a component in many cough remedies.
  • Organic Black Pepper: said to have properties that increase oxygen to the brain, enhance digestion and circulation, and stimulate the appetite.
  • Elder Flower: traditionally used in managing upper respiratory congestion.
Brewing Guide

Bring two cups of filtered water to boil, steep 2 tsp of loose tea in a tea strainer until ready, or overnight for a cool infusion. Enjoy!

Net Weight

100g | 3.5 oz


25-30 cups