Raw Silk Massage Gloves


Raw Silk Massage Gloves

There's more to Garshan than just meets the eye. The power of Garshan "dry massage" lies in it's ability to boost the immune system and increase vitality and energy by stimulating circulation to all of the tissues on the body.

Garshan is a vigorous dry massage that awakens the body's intelligence and helps eliminate impurities. Best of all, this simple massage can be performed by yourself in just 3-4 minutes.

  • Perfect for full-body massage to release toxins and skin impurities
  • Stimulates the metabolism
  • Improves blood circulation and complexion
  • Stimulates the connective tissue and prevents cellulite
  • Supports the reduction of fatty tissue to encourage weight loss
  • Promotes a breakdown of toxins lodged in the physiology


Do not use oil with the silk massage gloves. Put the gloves on and perform a dry massage using light, vigorous strokes for about 3-4 minutes: Move down your neck and shoulder area. Using brisk and vigorous strokes, massage your body. Use long, straight strokes on the long bones of your body and circular strokes over the joints. Use long horizontal strokes over your chest area, avoiding direct massage over the heart and nipples. In the abdominal area, start with a clockwise motion first, which supports the natural direction of digestion. Then massage the abdomen using horizontal strokes with hands moving in opposite directions. Next, use up and down strokes on the sides of the torso. Give extra attention to areas where you have accumulated fat.

Note: do not massage your face or neck with the silk gloves. After your dry massage, give yourself an oil massage and then take a warm shower or bath.


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