Ian Hayward

Ian was first introduced to Vedic knowledge in 1984 on the recommendation of a close friend. Prior to this he had an extremely unhealthy and stressful lifestyle that led to duodenal ulcers and heart seizures. The Western health system could only offer copious amounts of medication with undesirable side effects, so Ian was open to alternatives. 

Vedic mantra meditation was the first practice Ian was introduced to, and the profound effects of this effortless technique propelled him to learn more about this ancient health system. Over the next ten years Ian attended countless Meditation Retreats and Vedic Science Courses at home and abroad. He learned and regularly practiced Advanced Meditation Techniques including the Siddhi Yoga Sutras and eventually...

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Michelle Catherine Stady

Michelle began to embrace a more natural & holistic lifestyle for herself and her family after her first daughter was born in 2005. She discovered that by eliminating toxic food and skin care products from her home, she was able to heal her daughter's problems with infection, eczema, and chronic diaper rash. She began to explore food as medicine, and eating a healthy diet void of processed foods & preservatives was just the beginning. Sharing her passion for healthy living, she opened an online children's boutique featuring natural & eco-friendly products including cloth diapers and natural skin care.

By the time Michelle's second daughter was born in 2007, she was struggling to run a full-time business and be a full-time mom. She decided to close down the business to spend more time at home raising her two girls. However, two years after having her second daughter, Michelle was diagnosed with severe post-partum depression. After struggling with anxiety, panic attacks, disturbing visions, weight loss and insomnia, her life came to an abrupt halt...

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