The transformation of each season brings with it a change in the natural elemental qualities expressed in the environment.  Fall for instance brings out the qualities of the Air Element, which are cool, dry, rough, brittle, erratic, light, subtle and movement.  You can see this clearly in the environment as the days bring a cool crispness in the air; dryness is expressed as the trees and plants shed their shrivelled leaves; erratic gusting winds bring the restless sound of dry leaves from their brittle rough texture as they are blown around.

The qualities of the Air Element as reflected in the environment are also reflected in our bodies. We all have the five Elements of Space, Air, Fire, Earth & Water present in our systems but most people will have a stronger presence of one or two of the Elements that require careful management to stay balanced in all areas of their being.

The stronger the Air Element is present in your systems the more you will be affected by the change brought by the season.
If you find that:

  • your skin and hair need more moisture
  • your internal system feels dryer than usual
  • you have a general feeling of restlessness
  • experience bouts of scattered mental activity unable to focus on the task at hand
  • poor quality sleep waking up in the early hours (3-4am)
  • fluctuation in energy levels
  • irregular digestion and elimination

These are all signs that you have a strong presence of the Air Element in your makeup. Other indicators can be experienced in the emotional body in the form of mood swings, short bouts of depression-like symptoms, and feelings of disconnection that make you want to hide from the world. The subtleness of the Air Element can also be experienced as an over sensitivity that can leave you feeling that everything is too loud, too fast and generally overwhelming.

To bring balance to the Air Element

The approach of calming, soothing and nourishing is needed on all levels.  Here are some practical suggestions:

  • Hydration by means of hot water and non-caffeinated herbal tea, 1-2 litres per day; this counters the coolness and dryness of the Air Element.
  • Regularity in your daily routine especially around meals which need to be taken in a relaxed manner in a quiet peaceful environment with your full attention on your meal, chew well and eat slowly savouring the texture and tastes of your food.
  • Before your meal 3-4 minutes of practicing alternate nostril breathing technique and a digestive aid such as ginger pickle (fresh root ginger, honey, lemon juice & a pinch of salt) will help you to metabolize your food more efficiently.
  • Before bedtime a warm bath followed by an self-massage using warm sesame oil will nourish, calm and soothe your system and aid better quality sleep.  Avoiding TV, computers, texting and talking on the telephone after 8pm will also help to settle your mind and make it easier to sleep.
  • Covering your ears and neck when you are outside in cool windy weather, wearing a tight fitting vest will help to keep you grounded and connected with your physical body.
  • Practicing honey bee humming breathing to soothe and ground your nervous system.
  • Staying out of draughts and keeping warm will all help to balance the effect of an increase in the Air element.
  • Yoga & Meditation are the best medicine for settling an aggravated Air Element and will ground, soothe and smooth jagged emotions.

In this season an inward, nesting and comforting approach needs to be adopted.  It is not a good time to start new projects, plan a house move, change job, remodel your home or jump into a new relationship.

The creative, enthusiastic and inspirational aspects of the Air Element will return after the inward breath of autumn is established and the transition made.

Pulse Reading

To learn more about your own personal Elemental make up a pulse reading session is recommended. From this your pulse will show what and where the Elements are positioned in your systems. It will also show balances and imbalances of Elements present. We can then explore practical approaches, recommendations and information that will empower you to make the changes needed for you to live in harmony with your true nature.

You can learn more about the Elemental system in general at one of Ian's two hour presentations. Every Element has a season to plant and a time to harvest - by learning the what, when, how and why of these qualities, cycles, and energies as expressed through the Elements you will gain a deeper understanding of yourself, family, friends and the world around you.


Ian Hayward

Elemental Wellness Consultant