Ancient Techniques & Therapies

At Elemental Life Solutions we use a variety of traditional ayurvedic approaches to health and well-being that are time tested through thousands of years of application. Our Elemental approach to Ayurveda provides us with the foundational knowledge to understand how the mind and the body are designed to operate in harmony with the outer world. And yes, this even includes our busy, stressful Western culture. We have combined the principles, philosophies and techniques of the Vedic, Chinese, Tibetan, Greek and Aboriginal cultures to create a truly unique system where East meets West and ancient meets modern.

The good news is that you don't have to eat grass and move to a cave in the Himalayas to experience a healthy balanced life. You can still enjoy your life and be healthy right here in Canada. What's important to realise is if you are experiencing pain, discomfort or imbalance in any level of your life, it's the choices you have made about how you are living in your mind-body system that are creating the dis-ease or "not at ease" in your system. To change the experience in your system you must change some of the choices you are making in your life. This is where we can help.

Programs & Offerings


We are offering several one day Ayurvedic workshops throughout Edmonton and the surrounding area to educate you on the basic principles of our Elemental Living System. Our workshops begin with the Foundations to Health and Wellness Workshop that will provide you with all the information you need to determine and understand your own unique body-type and how the choices you are making in your life are creating dis-ease or vibrant health.

Initial Pulse Diagnosis Session

In this 90 minute session you will discover your personal Elemental Body-Type and some simple changes you can make to your diet and lifestyle that will immediately begin to create positive changes in your life! A very powerful and insightful session. The beginning session for Elemental Life Coaching as well as our Elemental Cleansing Programs.

This can be a stand alone session or included into an Elemental Life Coaching package.

Elemental Life Coaching

If you would like a personlized approach to understanding and implementing our Elemental Living System in your life than our Elemental Life Coaching sessions are for you. Ian will work with you personally answering all your questions, helping you to set achievable goals in your life for health and success on any level you would like to address. Contact Ian in person to schedule an appointment to start on the road to health and happiness today!

Couples coaching is also available.

Meditation, Wellness and Residential Retreats

We will be offering a broad range of retreats starting from weekend meditation retreats close by home to full week life changing experiences here in Alberta and in exotic far away locations to deeply rejuvenate and relax your system.

Elemental Cleansing Programs

Our cleansing programs are personalized specifically for your Elemental body-type. The therapies are based on the principles of panchakarma techniques from ayurveda and modified for comfort and accessibility to western diet and lifestyle. A powerful way to clean out your entire system taking care of many health complaints and discomforts due to an overly toxic lifestyle. For optimal health Elemental Cleansing should be done at least once per year.