An Introduction to Ayurvedic Wellness


An Introduction to Ayurvedic Wellness

Learn the key concepts of the Ayurvedic approach to health and wellness. In this workshop the emphasis is on practical application….

* You will explore the Elemental building blocks that make up who we are and how they express in our physical, mental and emotional bodies.

* You will discover the vital healing energies that flow through the Elements and their essential role in supporting positive vitality on every level of your being.

* You will gain an understanding of the dynamic forces and cycles that influence every aspect of our lives as well as the laws that govern them.

* You will learn how to harmonize and bring balance to your Elemental body/mind type.



$145 + gst

Location + Date/Time
Location: That Yoga Place. Grove Plaza, Unit 13 - 100 King Street, Spruce Grove
12.30pm - 6.30pm
Register for this workshop by calling That Yoga Place
Tel:  780 960 0868